When we give ourselves the opportunity to go inside and be in relationship with ourselves, we recognize who we truly are. This private place of contemplation is one of truth. It brings us to a higher understanding of ourselves. 

Being in our quiet may occur at anytime, anyplace.  Around people, on your own, in nature as well as on a busy commute, we are always able to access our internal dialogue. 

It is when we allow ourselves to simply knock off the mental chatter our minds have us running on that we are able to connect with our gut. This is a sacred place of knowing rather than thinking. 

How do we recognize it? 

It is calm and it is true. 


Here are a few, 'In the Quiet', personal learnings: 

.Being on your own, while perhaps  tricky at times, is the backbone of personal strength and invaluable as it leads to knowing you can always count on yourself. 

. Every relationship in life; personal,  professional, difficult or easy is a mirror and an opportunity to learn about ourselves.

. Learning to receive is as equally important as giving to others.

. The only person to compare yourself with is you. No one else is a fair assessment. ( fair game) Ask, 'Am I better today than yesterday? You are your only true barometer.

. Always exit a room gracefully'. Any room, any relationship, any chapter in life, how we leave things in life is the substance which creates our character.

. 'You always know your truth.' Whether we deny, hide, minimize or maximize on the outside, inside we always know our truth. 

. A loved one's passing may be the most difficult gift and greatest lesson in understanding love ever received.

. Change, while initially scary, is often easier when fully embraced. Trusting the uncertainty, rather than holding on to what no longer serves begins the magical ride. Resistance to change is only FEAR. (False Evidence Appearing Real) 

. We do not need to experience everything to learn from it. Share in the lessons of those around, both inspirational & disincentive, for everyone is going through something and we must learn from it all.

. ' Those things which others do to us, we teach them and allow them to do.' What??!!!! Yes, indeed. Stop blaming, be accountable and free yourself from the drama dance.

. Life is ultimately about our relationship with ourselves. The more we understand ourselves with compassion, the more we are able to understand and accept all others.


I invite you to visit the most important space you have within. It is right there, beneath the surface of the daily hustle and nonsense noise most of us live amongst.

Right there, In the quiet. 

Namaste. R. 

In the Quiet