Ruth Palacio MS, CASAC

Ruth is a clinical coach, corporate trainer and organizational developer. Her approach is a perfect blend of her diverse background. This unique combination lends itself to her solid understanding of interpersonal dynamics, obstacles and her pursuit to find solutions.


Upon graduating from Syracuse University, Ruth worked on Wall Street and received a unique education in the mechanics of the corporate environment. Witnessing how addictions can easily surface as daily life pressures increase,  she returned to graduate school and pursued a Masters Degree in Education and Counseling, with a concentration in Addictions and Family Systems Theory.  While working with The Addiction Institute of New York (formally Smithers Treatment Center) and consulting with Freedom Institute, she specialized in behavioral psychology, which continues to be her passion.

In expanding her expertise in communication, she became a Master Practitioner of (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Advanced Communication Skills Training).


Ruth began her professional career in finance with Cantor Fitzgerald and Euro Brokers Inc, which were located in the World Trade Towers in New York City. Following the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, and understanding the community which was struck, Ruth volunteered her counseling services to the devastated financial community.  Here, she introduced self-care as an integrated resource to increase productivity levels within an organization. This is the foundation of her consulting practice.

With Barnabas Health, she has implemented two federally funded grant programs. As the head training consultant for their Corporate Headquarters, she has designed and facilitated training programs to promote employee effectiveness.


Through Palacio Consulting LLC, Ruth works to support the process of organizational change and implements strategic wellness initiatives. She has an integral understanding of various behavioral patterns, which she uses to promote personal effectiveness with her clients.

Her platform presentations have included:

  • Respect in the workplace

  • Positioning for success

  • Wellness at work

  • Effective communication

Ruth is dynamic, diversified, and fluent in Spanish. She has often been described as a communicator within the same language. Her exceptional ability for detail and to naturally reframe situations brings new perspectives and effective solutions for her clients.